Ulefone Power 3 Max With Powerfull Battery

Ulefone Power 3 Max – A smartphone with a bezel-less screen and a sense-based processor is becoming a 2018 trend. Will, that trend does not apply to Ulefone. Vendors from China take a different step. They gush smartphone with the world’s first big battery, 13.000mAh.

Ulefone Power 3 Max

Named Ulefone Power 3 Max, the smartphone is still in the stage of production process. The next time, this smartphone will be the smartphone with the largest battery in the world. So reported by Gizmochina.

Not revealed about the release schedule and specifications that carried the smartphone. But it seems this smartphone is worth the wait, given the capacity of the power is very large and users no longer need to find a plug for durability because durability can be lit for longer.

This phone itself is known as a smartphone vendor that is painstaking producing series with the jumbo battery.

Before Ulefone Power 3 Max, Ulefone Power 3 is already the successor of Ulefone Power and Power 2.

Ulefone Power 3 Max

Reportedly comes with a capacity of 6,100mAh battery. In fact, this smartphone is to last for four days full of normal use.

Based on the company’s description, in addition to large batteries, Ulefone Power 3 is also supported with bezel-less design and 18: 9 aspect ratio for a better entertainment experience. Ulefone Power 3 will also run the latest OS Android 8.1 Oreo.

Ulefone Power 3 Max – Could Trace Xiaomi Mi MIX

Also briefly plagiarized Xiaomi’s bezel-less smartphone design, Mi MIX in September 2017. Named “Ulefone MIX”, the smartphone comes with a three-sided design without a bezel that is very similar to Mi MIX. The smartphone screen fills the front panel, except on the bottom of the smartphone.

Ulefone Power 3 Max

The earpiece is placed at the top of the front panel. The front camera was placed on the lower right side of the screen, just like in Mi MIX.

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