Tips Smartphone: Overheating When Used

Tips Smartphone – Can not be denied at this time we are difficult to escape from the use of smartphones in excess. Because of that, do not be surprised if the smartphone you use often or quickly hot.

Cause the sudden rise in temperatures of smartphones by various things, whether it’s from processors being ‘necessary’ to work hard because they play games, look for signals until the use of third-party chargers is not clear the quality.

If you ever experience the above, do not worry. Some tips are summarized from these various sources you can try to overcome the smartphone with hot temperatures.

tips smartphone


Tips Smartphone: Overheating When Used

1. Remove the cassette

Although it has the ability to protect the smartphone from the impact, it turns out the flip cover type casing is able to ‘trap’ the heat coming out of the phone.

Therefore, there is no harm in occasionally removing the fold or cover casing that covers the entire body of the smartphone.

2. Avoid Smoke the Smartphone Overnight

Some of you must have or have often done this one thing unnoticed. Yup, not only affect the battery life, charging the smartphone overnight can actually make your device hot.

Most extreme, smartphones that filled the battery overnight have the potential to explode. And various cases in some corners of the world is often the case.

3. Close Applications

Just for information, some apps – such as games and social media – are able to drain battery power and make smartphones fast hot.

The accumulation of applications used and operating in the background, this process requires the power of CPU, GPU, and more RAM and of course make the device heat faster than usual.

4. Use Original Charger

Your smartphone’s default charger is corrupt and unusable? Like most users, third-party chargers are unclear in origin and quality is chosen as one of the fastest and cheapest solutions.

Although much cheaper price than the original. In fact, the cable and head charger version of ‘cheap’ this is one cause smartphone hot fast.

This is because the power available in the third-party charger is different from the power on the default charger.

5. Remove Trash File

Any junk files, cache, cookies that have been pile up was also one of the causes of the hot fast smartphone.

For that, delete files no need, cache, and cookies that have been piled up regularly with some apps like Files Go, CCleaner, and SD Maid.

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