Microsoft Smartphone Fold With Dual Screen?

Microsoft Smartphone – Reportedly listed a patent hinge for folding smartphones in order to have two screens. This patent further strengthens the previous report that says Microsoft is preparing folding smartphones and will debut in 2018.

Microsoft Smartphone

Report by Business Insider, Microsoft in filing a patent explains the reason why a foldable screen is needed.

According to Microsoft, with an edge-to-edge concept such as the iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S8, the only way to get a bigger screen space without increasing the size of the phone, that is by adding another screen that can be folded.

Information about this patent as well as extend rumors about Microsoft plans to release Surface Phone as a foldable smartphone. This smartphone can be folded because there is a hinge that brings together two different screens.

In a patent application, Microsoft called the hinges between the two screens as “Hinge with Free-Stop Function”. This hinge connects two screens in such a way that it does not stand out and still feels flat when in the hands of the user.

In addition, users can also spread the screen at any angle and the smartphone can stand upright like opening the laptop, thanks to the hinge.

Microsoft Smartphone: Patent, Not Sure So Items

So far there has been no confirmation from Microsoft about the planned launch of folding smartphones next year. What’s more, filing a patent does not necessarily guarantee it will be realized in a real product. This also applies to Microsoft’s new patent.

On the other hand, a number of companies are reportedly interested in smartphones that can be folded. Two smartphone vendors from Ginseng Affairs, for example, Samsung and LG quite often reported are preparing a smartphone with the new concept.

LG earlier this year reportedly filed a patent application for the design of hybrid folding smartphones. In the document submitted, it looks smartphones that can fold and has a form of a smartphone in general. When the fold opened, the device will look like a tablet in landscape mode.

In November 2017, someone found a support page for Galaxy X on Samsung’s official website. According to reports, a folding smartphone that is preparing is Galaxy X Samsung.

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