Huawei Smartphone: Expands US Market 2018

Huawei smartphone will go on sale through a number of mobile operators in the United States (US) next year. This plan was announced by CEO of the Consumer BG Huawei, Richard Yu.

Huawei Smartphone

Reported by ABC News, Yu will announce details of Huawei’s plans at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA, in January 2018. The first step will start with the sale of flagship Mate 10. But Yu refused to disclose the selling price and selected carrier partners.

Huawei has actually sold several smartphone variants in various US electronics and online stores but has a small market share. The reason, most US consumers prefer to buy a smartphone through mobile operators.

Huawei has a strong position in the global smartphone market. As well as competing with two of its toughest rivals Apple and Samsung. However, the company from China that cannot beat the dominance of Apple and Samsung in the land of Uncle Sam.

“We will sell our mobile phones in the US through various operators next year. I think we can deliver value to operators and consumers that are better products. Innovations and user experiences,” Yu said.

Huawei Smartphone: Struggling to Convince US Consumers

Mate 10 announced in October 2017 has a widescreen, high-end camera, and various other advantages. Smartphones are sold at prices approximately 15-30 percent cheaper than the latest flagship Samsung and Apple.

Yu said Mate 10 will have a competitive price in the US. But Huawei estimates its products will compete in terms of performance rather than price.

Huawei Smartphone

“Our strength is in emerging markets, where consumers will pay for performance, we are not cheap companies,” he added.

For next year, Huawei plans to do the same strategy in Japan that is working with mobile operators. “I think next year will be very important for Huawei,” he said.

Yu is optimistic the smartphone business will not be affected by US Government concerns related to security threats. Such concerns are the cause of the US canceling Huawei’s network equipment orders.

Huawei’s business in the US suffered a setback when the congressional panel in October 2013 recommended the operator not to cooperate with him or any other Chinese company ZTE for security reasons.

Huawei Smartphone’s Tidal Business

Huawei refused to be called a security threat and denied US reports. The company said the allegations are politically motivated or there may be attempts by competitors to keep Huawei out of the US market.

“They are lying, we are a company that is very concerned about cybersecurity and privacy protection We do a lot of things, better than other vendors,” explained Yu.

Huawei Smartphone

Huawei was founded in 1987 and is the first Chinese brand to become a global technology company in the top position. The company, which has its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, is the largest supplier of switching equipment used by telephone and internet companies. Huawei manufactures mobile phones since the 1990s and released its smartphone brand in 2010.

In 2016 reported profit of approximately US$ 5.4 billion of total revenues ranging from US$ 75.6 billion. Huawei is a private company with shares owned by its own employees but releases its financial results in an effort to address security issues in the US and Europe.

Huawei’s own sales are helped by its strong position in the Chinese market, India, and a number of other emerging markets. Thanks to the support of these countries, Huawei’s premium smartphone sales and Honor brand, sales are growing rapidly compared to Samsung or Apple.

Yu was optimistic Huawei could become the second largest smartphone vendor in the world. “We are currently the number three supplier of smartphones, but very close to number 2. So maybe we can quickly be in position number two,” he said.

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