Cheap Smartphone: Micromax

Cheap Smartphone – Although not many global vendors who claimed to develop a smartphone for the Android Go program. Some vendors from India were already starting to move.

cheap smartphone

Google’s reported to have worked with several vendors in the country to launch devices from the Android Go program later this month.

Quoted from GSM Arena, some vendors have prepared the price tag of this smartphone. One of them is called Micromax will sell Android device Go with the price of 2 thousand rupees.

Although Android Go is intended for cheap smartphones, the price tag must be recognized very affordable. Later, other vendors such as Intex, Lava, and Karbonn are also reported to be releasing products at similar prices.

The price tag should be admittedly perfect for consumers who are switching from feature phone to smartphone. Including supporting local Indian manufacturers.

Moreover, in the last two years. The local mobile phone market share in the country increasingly eroded by the presence of Chinese products. This strategy is also good for Google. given that the company managed to earn more than US$ 1 billion in India.

Therefore, such price tags are expected to attract more users. For your information, the market price of 50 percent of existing mobile phones in India today is sold at a price below US$ 32.

Cheap Smartphone: Nokia does not want to leave Android Go Go

In addition to local vendors India, global smartphone players who are reportedly going to participate gush Android Go device is HMD Global. The Finnish company is said to be developing Nokia 1 as a prime product for Android Go.

This so-called device will be equipped with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory. Being present as a device of Android Go, Nokia 1 will release first in a number of emerging markets.

According to the plan, this device will be priced at 80 Euro. However, until now, the HMD Party has not opened a voice related to the launch plan of Nokia 1.

According to reports, Huawei is also preparing similarly priced smartphones, but there has been no confirmation so far.

Cheap Smartphone: Android Go Glide

After being announced on the Google I / O title this year, Android Go finally officially slid in early December 2017. This OS is intended for low-end devices (cheap smartphone), and is available and can be used vendors including developers.

Appropriate function, Android Go is intended for devices with low specifications. Therefore, this OS has been designed to run optimally on devices with 512MB or 1GB of RAM.

Google also supports Android Go presence by setting up a light version of its apps, such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Assistant, and Google Maps.

Apps for Android Go are designed with smaller sizes than regular versions, so do not spend a lot of device memory. However, Google will keep on improving performance for the app to run optimally.

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